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Laser Welded Pillow Plates for Heating and Cooling

Blackwater use laser welded pillow plates on vessels where heating or cooling of products is required. We design these in conjunction with agitation systems to ensure ultimate care of your product.

What is a pillow plate?

Our Pillow Plates consists of two stainless steel plates that are welded together by welding spots with a laser welding machine. The plates are blown up with water or nitrogen to create a hollow space through which the cooling or heating medium can flow. In this way you cool or heat your product with the plates.


  • Cost-effective due to low welding costs
  • Thinner materials can be used, saving you on material costs
  • Pillow Plates’ welding pattern guarantees high turbulence and therefore creates high overall heat transfer coefficients
  • Due to the low volume in the plate, little cooling / heating fluid needs to be circulated. As a result, less pump capacity is required
  • Working pressure to 15 Bar (220 PSI)
  • In-house software allows for the exact calculation of cooling and heating transfer surfaces
  • Hi efficiency is achieved by hi-flow rates, which allow maximum contact with the surface

Vessels fitted with pillow plate technology guarantee the quality of your products as they maintain the vessel content at a constant temperature or heat and cool as required. Blackwater’s pillow plate jackets are tailor made to suit customers specific requirements. They can also be retrofitted to existing vessels with Blackwater’s double embossed transfer surfaces.

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