Know-How & Innovation Based on Nearly 50 Years & 11,000 Projects

Blackwater specialise in the design and manufacture of stainless steel vessels & silos; roadtankers and process systems, for a wide variety of applications. Our engineers and craftspeople have an indepth knowledge of all areas of stainless steel fabrication, transportation, delivery & commissioning of large capacity projects, as well as process design, agitation and heating & cooling systems.


Al Othman Dairies

From water to wine and milk to cream liqueur Blackwater have produced hundreds of liquid storage and processing silos. Onsite we can manufacture to 750,000L .


Process Vessels


Catering for an enormous variety of products – liquids, oils & powder, fats & concentrates with high spec agitation and heating & cooling systems.



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Over 50 years of road tanker design & manufacture. We specialise in maximising capacity, competitive pricing structures and a wide range of options.


Bulk Solids/ Powder

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With over 50 years experience in storage and handling, Blackwater have built up significant expertise and are behind many of the systems inIreland’s leadings dairies.




A wide range of agitators to suit your products and processes. Systems are designed for ease of assembly and keep maintenance costs at a minimum.


Heating & Cooling


Blackwater’s thermal jackets are tailor made. They  can also be retrofitted to existing vessels with Blackwater’s double embossed transfer surfaces.


Products Handled

Products handled include beverages, beer, butter, caramel, cheese, cider, chocolate, cocoa mass, coffee grounds, cola concentrate, cream, cream liquor, liquid egg, ice cream, ingredients, fruit juices, milk, edible oils, oil & petroleum, petrochemicals, powders, powdered milk, sugar, vegetable oil, vinegar, water, wine, whey concentrate, yogurt & yeast.