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Process Vessels

High Performance Process Vessels & Systems

Catering for an enormous variety of liquid products

Blackwater’s Process Vessels ensure the quality of your products including liquids, oils, fats and concentrates and can be manufactured with agitation and heating & cooling systems guaranteeing the ultimate care of your finished product. Blackwater’s 50 Years’ experience ensure that if it’s a liquid product we have a process vessel design to suit your requirements

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless Steel process vessels for processing, crystallization, fermentation, mixing, mobile, and CIP.
  • Sizes range from 500L – 100,000L
  • Our Process Vessels incorporate high performance and innovative heating and cooling technology and agitation systems for an enormous variety of products.
  • Vessels can be fully FAT tested at our works prior to dispatch including flow rate testing, water fill testing, pressure testing, riboflavin testing, passivation and agitation run tests.
  • Vessels can be designed an built for aseptic and sterile applications as well as fully certified pressure vessels and full vacuum vessels to EN / API and ASME codes.
  • Surface Finishes from 2BCR to full mirror finish internally and externally if required
  • On-site installation and erection of tanks, vessels and systems incl. risk assessment and method statement