Blackwater operate in a wide range of industries and markets around the world. Please scroll down to read more.

Food & Dairy


Storage – Processing – Transport

Blackwater’s roots lie in the food & dairy sector, Blackwater has developed vast expertise and technology the dairy & food sector. This ranges from high performance vessels, incorporating innovate heating & cooling processes & agitation, to advanced powder conveying systems to road-tankers for milk collection, which are amongst the most advanced in Europe.

Blackwater’s engineering is designed for the toughest conditions from keeping milk cool in the Saudi Arabian desert to road tankers carrying 30,000L of milk on the trans Arabian highway to the smallest of Irish farm roads.

Environmental Engineering



In recent years Blackwater has taken on an increasing role in a diverse range of projects with an environmental focus.

Blackwater’s environmental engineering is the product of four decades of experience, process improvement and product development, which has led to clever systems and technologies, incorporating waste recovery & energy saving techniques. These processes translate into cost savings for customers.

Blackwater’s experience of the past 50 years allows it to focus on new engineering of the future.



Chemical & Pharmaceutical

EPSON DSC picture

Ireland is one of the world’s leading exporters of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. Blackwater have a large number of chemical process tanks, batch vessels, sterile vessels & aseptic vessels,  operating in high quality & ultra-hygienic conditions, demanded for these industries.

  • Vessels and Silos c/w heating / cooling / agitation / and instrumentation to 300,000L are delivered to site fully insulated
  • Customised innovative and practical designs to meet your requirements
  • On-site installation and erection of tanks, vessels and systems incl. risk assessment and method statement
  • We provide a complete service from design and planning through to manufacture, delivery and installation, according to strict quality assurance