About Us

One of Europe’s Leading Stainless Steel Specialists

Blackwater Engineering was established in 1968, in Mallow, Co Cork in the South of Ireland. It was set up to cater to the needs of the then emerging dairy sector. Over the past 5 decades the Irish dairy industry is recognised as one of the most technologically advanced and productive in the world and Blackwater has gone on to become a leading supplier of stainless steel process vessels, silos and roadtankers, catering to a wide range of industries.

What We Do


Roadtankers for liquid products & bulk transport with models ranging to 32,000L / 46T


Silos for storage & processing – including bulk storage to 1,000,000L

Process Vessels

Process Vessels from 500L – 100,000L

Bulk Solids

Powder handling systems & conveying systems

Heating and Cooling Systems

Our laser welded pillow plate technology ensures ultimate care of your product in temperature sensitive applications and can be designed to maintain product temperatures, heat our cool your products.

Agitation Systems

Custom designed agitation systems to ensure optimum mixing & careful handling of your products

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