Road Tankers

Road Tankers Carrying Capacity to 32,000L / Competitive Pricing / Hundreds of Blackwater Tankers on the Roads

With over 50 years of road tanker design experience under our belts, we can guarantee you will get you maximum carrying capacity. Our pricing structures are also very competitive with a range of options to choose from. These include the installation of metering and data capture systems so that the tanker leaves our facility fully commissioned and tested.

  • Milk Collection & Bulk Transport Road Tankers, c/w high speed metering systems
  • Models range to 32,000L / operating to G.V.W. 46 T and are designed to maximise payload & carrying capacity even on difficult roads
  • Blackwater tankers are individually built to customers specific requirements by choosing from our 30 option pack including side entry manways, full cabinets for housing metering equipment, tool boxes, spare wheel carriers, ;adders and handrails.
  • Blackwater Mechanical positive steering system for greater manoeuvrability on narrow roads
  • Elliptical or Cylindrical design, pressure, vacuum and atmospheric. The low centre of gravity associated with elliptical design offers even greater safety on the roads, and reduces the tanker length by up to 1.6m in comparison with a cylindrical design.
  • All tankers come with IVA type approval as standard.
  • 3 years warranty on all new tankers